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Alien Tequila


Alien Tequila is hand crafted from 100% Blue Agave made in the highlands of Tototlan, Jalisco Mexico at the famed Integradora San Agustin Distillery. Mr. Harris along with his Uncle Juan Vidrio and Ramon Esquivel have created one of the most sophisticated tequila’s earning two gold  medals from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and Best Highland Blanco from

Alien Tequila


Color…Bright and Clear with a long and balanced finish. Unaged, earthly with aromas of wild flowers, honeysuckle, stone fruit & hints of pepper. Silver shows a great combination of fruit, agave nectar with mild notes of licorice. Alien Tequila Silver is perfect for sipping due to its extra smooth qualities, as part of a delicious margarita or any mixed drink. Alien Tequila Silver is extremely versatile and mixable.



Color…Hues of Gold with a medium mouth feel with a lingering soft finish. Intense floral aromas of orange blossoms, red apples and chamomile. There are flavors of citrus fruit, herbs & agave nectar. Due to its eights months of resting in single whiskey barrels. There are layers of spice, oak & sweet hints of vanilla. Alien Tequila Reposado is the perfect example of balance & complexity with an ultra smooth taste.



Color…Amber with hues of gold with a rich, intense, full body & robust finish. Rested for a minimum of one year, Alien Anejo is impregnated with the oak’s properties which leaves its dark rich color & intense, complex, pronounced aromas of nutmeg, stone fruit & orange zest. Sweet notes of butterscotch, vanilla & spice finish the blend. Alien Tequila Anejo’s award winning quality is the ultimate tequila experience.



Handcrafted in small production batches, “Extra Alejo  Alien Tequila is made with the finest agave, harvested at the 10th year. The beautiful golden hues showcase the 3 years aging in neutral Kentucky whiskey barrels. A classy bouquet that excites with sweet notes of tea, caramel, toffee and a hit of spice. The palate is sultry and balanced, full of complex flavors of vanilla, honey-toasted oak and citrus, finishing off with a delicate note of sweet agave. Please take your time to appreciate and enjoy slowly…

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